When it comes to video game mods there are some out there which are pretty much unbeatable. One of the best examples is modding gta. The game has literally been around for three generation of consoles, but it still keeps selling. Especially on pc, it is surprisingly popular on desktops and one of the reasons for it is mods. Some of the mods on the game literally add iron man and hulk to the game. In one of the mods you can change the velocity of the bullets and other things.

Every day new kinds of mods are being released for gta 5 and they keep adding something more to the already fun game. one of the other games which have successfully incorporated modding is just cause 2, although it is an older game at this point, some of the things you can do in this game makes it legendary. For example have you ever parachuted with a hook attached to a fighter jet while blowing up the oil refinery below you. This is just one of the many things you can on this game.

Before multiplayer functionality was added to grand theft auto, one of the mods did it in 2003 with gta vice city. This mod was the answer to a lot of people’s question of what if we could play grand theft auto but with friends. This is one of those mods which changed the gaming industry forever and made people realize about what is possible in the world of gaming.

Portal prelude is another one of those games which caught the eye of a lot of people because it was made just by a group of 3 people, for a low price this was pretty successful.

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